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The surnames Williscroft, Woolliscroft and variants as a first-name

Like in many other families the distinctive surnames of Williscroft, Woolliscroft and Wolliscroft have been used as a first name. In the 1800's it became 'fashionable' to use family surnames as a first name amongst the general population. The surname was also used as a first name when a child was born out of wedlock. 

Elsewhere in the world the surname is used as a first name in a similar way. In the United States the wife's maiden name is often included in her married name and the surname appears as a first name on death and burial records. Today, in England, we see the emergence of double barrel surnames as family structures change. In other instances people change their name or there appears to be no blood tie.

Perhaps the most famous person in England to have Woolliscroft as a first name was George Woolliscroft Rhead 1855-1920. George was the son of George Woolliscroft Rhead and Fanny Colley. He served his apprenticeship with Minton's and then studied at the National Art Training School in London. George married twice. He married Elizabeth Dudley in 1884 and the couple had two children, Elizabeth died in 1888. He marries Annie French an artist from Glasgow in 1914. In later years he taught at Putney School of Art from 1896 and subsequently became director of Southwark Polytechnic Institute. George died in 1920 and his wife in 1965. More

In Australia Achalen Woolliscroft Palfreyman was described in the newspapers as the richest man in Australia at the time of his death in 1967. His grandmother was Elizabeth Woolliscroft from Wetton, Staffordshire who married Thomas Palfreyman in 1825. He was born in 1875 in Tasmania, the son of Rev. Isaac Palfreyman.  He indulged in horse racing under the name of "A Woolliscroft" and won the Australian Cup with his horse Defence in 1918. He married Ellen Reid in 1900 and the couple had one daughter. His wife died in 1903. His obituary described him as "charming, dignified and warm hearted". More

I would love to hear from you if Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wolliscroft or variant is used as a first name in your family. More information on the families where the name is used as a first name can be found by following the links provided below. 

 Surnames where Williscroft, Woolliscroft or a variant has been used as a firstname

Abbott     Alexander     Austin     Ayres     Baker     Barber     Beddows     Beers     Blades     Blane     Boot     Bostock    Boston     Bourne     Bowden     Bridge     Brocklehurst     Brown(1), Brown(2)       Bruerton     Buckley     Buxton     Carley     Carter     Cliff     Critchlow     Deakin     Dickenson     Douglas     Edgar     Eldershaw     Elsmore     Faulkner     Fernyhough     Forrester     Fowler     Gentle     Goodwin     Graham     Grant     Griffiths     Hall     Hampson     Hope     Horobin     James     Jebb    Jepson     Johns     Johnson     Jones     Keeling     Kelly     Kitchen     Locke     Lust     MacDonald     Mayer    McHugh     Mellor     Moffet     Mort    Oliver     Orme     Owen     Palfreyman     Pawley     Peirce     Petterd     Powell     Rhead     Roberts     Salmon     Sharman     Slade     Shutt     Soundy     Steele     Swindells     Tatler     Wain     Walwyn     West     Woodhead

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Date12 Jan 2018

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